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Jindal Blames Oregon Shooter’s Dad

The above article refers to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s recent comment on the Roseburg Oregon mass murder. Having followed presidential elections since 1960 I would say that Jindal and Dr. Ben Carson are perhaps the two most intelligent men to have run for the office in that period. Perhaps there is a correlation between intelligence and gaffes because both have made plenty of them.
I am guessing that Mr. Jindal is extremely busy running for president as well as running Louisiana, which does not give him time to do extensive research on the Mercer family.
He could be completely correct blaming the father but I know that the divorce occurred in California where judges, for the most part, are extremely sexist in their custody rulings.
A couple weeks ago I reviewed Alex Baldwin’s book on his horrific experience in the Los Angeles family courts. I have known a dozen or more men who had the same experiences in San Diego County courts.
Unlike states such as Utah and Arizona, which routinely award a minimum of 30-40% parenting time, California judges routinely keep fathers (and less well-connected mothers) away from their children for months, if not years, at a time. And unlike someone with the resources of Mr. Baldwin, they end up bankrupt due to legal expenses and jeopardizing their careers due to innumerable Kafkaesque court appearances.
Mr. Mercer speaks with a distinct Irish accent and his son made many online references to the IRA. There is undoubtedly a great story here if anyone in the media can at least temporarily discard their gender/race/class templates and delve into it.


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