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Hillary, Child Custody & Attorneys

The above headline, in typical mainstream-media fashion, would have one believe that Ms. Clinton is truly a fully-liberated 21st century woman and supports gender-neutral child custody decisions.

Alas, as one sees later in the article, it is yet another case of “them that gots shall get…” as Blood, Sweat & Tears sang so eloquently in “God Bless the Child”. The “gots” in this case being political connections. ¬†As noted in a previous blog entry, at one point this winter the Wall Street Journal found that Mrs. C had collected three times as much from trial attorneys as from her number two group of contributors, financial firms.

While the mainstream media, per usual, has completely ignored the significance of that list of political contributors, her competitor, Mr. Trump has acted in accord with another old blues song, “You Got the Right String Baby but the Wrong Yo-Yo” by spending most of his time denouncing the ethnicity of his judge in the Trump U. fraud case and only mentioning in passing that the attorney bringing the case is a HUGE(Mr. Trump’s favorite adjective) contributor to Mrs. C’s campaign.

Both the media and Mr. Trump would be far better served in concentrating on how trial attorneys stifle business innovation (2015 was the first year on record that saw more business failures than start-ups), slow economic growth (2015 was the first seven-year period in US history with no single year above 3% GDP growth) and, last but not least, separate parents from their kids, leading to hundreds of billions of  dollars in unnecessary welfare and law enforcement costs for all of us.





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