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China: Divorce & Child Custody

The following is a summary of the above article:

*Restrictions on divorce (e.g. requiring an employer’s reference) were finally removed in 2003.

*Currently, at the divorce bureau, it requires only 30 minutes and a fee of 9 yuan($1.40) to obtain an uncontested divorce (the vast majority of divorces).

*In the past decade the divorce rate has more than doubled, exceeding that of the UK and fast approaching that of the US, the western world’s highest rate.

*The state still promotes Confucian-style family values but the current president, Xi Jinping, is on his not-widely-known second marriage.

*The state favors men on property settlements before children, but favors women as the custodial parent for the first child, which typically includes the property.

*As of Jan. 1st, 2016, a second child is permitted and Chinese judges are expected to follow the Japanese pattern of alternating custody between the two parents, thus keeping the Confucian tradition of minimizing conflict after a divorce.


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