Christmas Message

My daughter, Charissa Sims, has published a book, Kinley the Water Dragon, which would make a great Christmas gift for kids aged three to seven. Copy and paste the URL to go to her website:

This is a fantasy book that teaches kids the importance of water in the world. It is about a young dragon in the Himalayas that is raised by hawks in a village suffering a drought. Kinley has a dream of a big lake and decides to leave his village in search of water! He discovers that he is a water dragon and that bringing water to the world is his true purpose. He meets many friends and challenges along the way, including fairies and other dragons until he finally reunites with his dragon mom, brother and sister! The story is meant to teach children about water conservation and the importance of water in the world. It is also a story of accepting others for who they are and finding your purpose in the world.
Check it out:
Charissa Sims is an entrepreneur and first time children’s author.
She is passionate about water conservation and helping educate others about ways to conserve water and funds projects that provide water for people around the world. She has her own ergonomics consulting business and loves to meditate and empower women. Mrs. Sims is a mother of two children and lives with her husband and family in Los Angeles, CA.

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