Rise of the “Bedroom Jihadists”


I heard this term for the first time on Friday in reference to the shocking events in Paris.
It refers to the fact that in nations such as Belgium and France there are a significant number of teenagers who have become radicalized typing away on their computers at night, with many parents unaware until it is too late.
The above link is to a 2014 story of a Belgian dad who felt it was his responsibility to bring his son back from Syria. Having succeeded in this perilous venture, he felt obliged to help other parents caught in their own dangerous dilemmas.
As a parent with a teenage son who loves video games, I find myself constantly monitoring his choices of web sites. Although this is undoubtedly more of a problem with boys, girls too, both in the US and Europe, have fallen victim to the siren call of online radical jihadists.
Last week’s post focused on the fact that conservative commentators on “family values” are oblivious to the deleterious effects of family courts.  This new peril of “cyber conversions” is yet another reason for family court judges to make absolutely sure that BOTH parents have regular access to their children after divorce because it is far easier for a teen to fool one parent rather than two.

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