Boys’ Development, Family Court and the Media Redux

Last week’s post covered the literary luminaries on the right and their utter ignore-ance (no,that’s not a typo) of family court and its deleterious effect on American society.
Today it’s only fair to turn to the New York Times, the bulwark of the media’s far larger left side. The above is an example of a well-written and well-researched article that ignores the elephant in the room: family court, which incentivizes one parent to deny their childen’s access to the other parent. It is as if one did an analysis of the antebellum South and ignored race.
Speaking of which, the media has come under sharper focus this week because of its handling of autobiographical comments by the Republican Party’s first serious black presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carlson. He contends that his life has come under a microscope compared to the relatively scant media coverage given to Mr. Obama’s early years.
I find it very interesting that these two men, one from the right, the other from the left, but both from single parent homes and very media-savvy, have followed the lead of both the left and right media and ignored this leviathan that looms over the lives of millions of American children.

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