Conservatives, Family Structure and Family Court

The above link is to an excellent article by Jonah Goldberg entitled “Why family structure matters”. Mr. Goldberg is near the top of a group of insightful conservative commentators that includes Peggy Noonan, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Charles Murray and last, for comic relief, Mark Steyn.
All of them have made brilliant observations on the ills of modern American society and yet I can’t recall any of them referring to family court as an elemental part of those ills.
I’m singling out Mr. Goldberg because he is occasionally printed in that liberal bastion, the L.A. Times but also because he wrote what I consider to be the best book on historical politics in the last half century, “Liberal Fascism”. He uncovers amazing and long-hidden gems like the thousands arrested for treason under Woodrow Wilson and the radical environmentalist proclivities of Adolf Hitler.
In this article he cites the old master of family structure analysis, Daniel Patrick Moynihan (would that we had a mind like his in today’s Democratic party) as well as more contemporary observers of the importance of family structure. After citing a couple of them, Goldberg notes that while two loving biological parents in an intact family is the ideal, “The choices facing couples in the real world are always about comparing imperfect alternatives.”
This would have been the perfect time to insert that fact that one viable imperfect alternative is a divorced couple working out a practical co-parenting plan that includes significant time with both parents. There is a real role for the family court here in facilitating this co-parenting, rather than the more typical outcome of devising an apartheid-like program of assigning one parent the humiliating role of “visitor”.
The fact that virtually all of these conservative cognoscenti seem unaware of this blight on our society is truly tragic and correcting this oversight is my main goal for the next decade.

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