First……………………………and Last Fathers

Since we refer to the spouse of the president as “First Lady (presumably “First Man” if Mrs. Clinton is elected)”, one can certainly refer to the president as “First Father”.
Of our 44 presidents, only one, James Buchanan (coincidentally, often chosen by historians as the worst president), never married in his entire life. Given that 98% rate, being a father would seem to be a qualification for the job.

On June 1st, Senator Lindsey Graham stepped into the 2016 presidential race and several pundits quickly claimed that he didn’t have a chance for the nomination, partly due to his bachelor status. Soon after that, there was the Washington funeral of Vice President Joe Biden’s son. Mr. Biden has had far more than his share of family tragedies and through them we can see that he has been an exemplary father.

Mr. Obama too, by all accounts, seems to be an excellent parent. He joins the list of presidents with younger children who have been a great example to fathers around the nation, if not the world: Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, Nixon, Carter and Clinton.

While we celebrate these men, we would be remiss if we ignored the fact that our current top executives are members of a party that receives a great deal of its financial support from the trial lawyers, now formally known as the American Association for Justice. They in turn are the most important force behind our adversarial family court system, which produces thousands of “Last Fathers” every year: those who are victims of parental alienation syndrome and are thus kept away from their children for months or years at a time.

National Public Radio (NPR) , to its great credit, featured one of these dads today. His name is Jon Kalish and his story can be found via the link below. He was 3,000 miles from his daughter and yet sacrificed great amounts of time and money to see her regularly until she became alienated from him in her teens. Be sure to catch the audio which recounts in poignant detail her younger years and tragic death at age 19, following several years of non-contact with her father.

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