Brown vs. Board of Education for Non-Custodial Parents

It has been about 50 years since the above Supreme Court decision began to put the nail in the coffin for racially segregated education.  The Utah legislature might have just done the same for millions of children and non-custodial parents.  See the article and follow the many relevant links below:


May 20, 2015
By Ned Holstein, MD, MS, Founder and Acting Executive Director, National Parents Organization

On May 6, we reported on a new custody law in Utah that would give most “non-custodial” parents a minimum of 145 days of parenting time — about 40%. That law has now gone into effect. This law was passed because of the hard work and determination of the Utah chapter of National Parents Organization, led by Janet Robins, David Daniels and Dan Deuel.

National Parents Organization’s Public Relations and Education firm, Proventus Consulting, went to work to publicize the new law. The interest of the Utah media has been impressive. As of press time, the following media have run stories on the new law:

Anyone who wants to help the Utah leadership as they gear up to win the next battle is invited to contact Dan Deuel at

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