Walter Scott and the child support issue

The dominant news story of the past week was clearly the death of Walter Scott in Charleston, S.C. and the subsequent

murder charges brought against a local police office. The consensus from all sides of the political spectrum, as well as the

media, was that these charges were completely justified.  As is typical however, the media tends to ignore most, if not all,

issues related to family court.

One must give some credit to the New York Times for at least mentioning (I counted eight words) the fact that Mr.

Scott’s brother stated his belief that Walter fled from the police because he feared being arrested for child support

arrears.  Charleston’s local paper, the Post and Courier, ignored the issue completely in its original story.

The NY Times article (see link below) did state that  Mr. Scott was employed, so undoubtedly his wages were being

garnished for his child support debt.

One can only hope that the media will finally wake up to the importance of family court issues and that being behind in child

support does not become a capital offence, as it was in the Scott case.


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